1. iOS Application Pentesting Blog By Sunil Kande

    iOS Application  Pentesting Blog 1. What is iOS 2. iOS Architecture 3. What is Jailbreak  4. How to Jailbreak 5. How to set-up a pentesting Environment   6. Local Storage Vulnerabilities     a. Plist file      b. Nsuserdefault Storage      c. Keychain      d. Core Data      e. Webkit Caching      f. SQLite Database 7. What is SSL pinning in Mobile 8. How to bypass SSL pinning 9. What is Hooking in iOS 10. Fun with Frida 11. Fun with Objection 12. SSL pinning bypass with Frida & Objection  13. Jailbreak Detection Bypass using Frida 14. Runtime manipulation 15. Binary Protection  16. How to decrypt IPA using Frida Script 17. Automation with Objection 18. Side Channel Data Leakage      a. Device Log      b. App Screenshot      c. Pastboard      d. Keystroke Logging       e. Cookies(Binary) 19. Broken Cryptography  20. Webview issues 21. SSL pinning Bypass Challenges  22. Network Layer Challanges 23. Sensi